Global District provides a community dimension for applications and platforms built on

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As standard the platform comes with:

Mark Up Tools


Networking Tools

Projects, Marketplaces, Festivals

Shared Applications

Orders, Bookings, News, Events, Media...

Create a Community Platform...

  1. A community mark up tool lets you mark up sites of interest, organize and promote local events, festivals, or associations (see also
  2. Networking tools help you create groups to support projects and niche platforms.
  3. Applications can be shared to create marketplaces and niche community platforms with supporting image management, news, events, and media uploads.

1. Community Mark Up:

You can start with an picture or graphic. It can be something really simple or more complex. Depending on the type you can add things to it, or "Mark It Up", so, you could position sites of interest on a map, and then use the same app. to mark up the sites of interest. Alternatively for a festival you could add venues, and events to venues. Please see onekana™ for more details regarding this application and in particular the animation feature. You can also start with a network (see below).

Here we have just a few examples: geographical, community, festival, and simply "a place", but any of the examples on onekana can be used here if they related to your community.

Draggable Items:
Property (new)
Information Point
Information Alert
Something of Interest
Site of Interest

2. Groups and Networking:

Networking is based on a pool of members, and by default, privacy is set to "on", and the groups are kept behind a login that can only be accessed by the group members.

There are different types of networks and they are fluid, opt-in networks for projects. Using the festival example above, for a food festival you might start with a group of restaurant and dining venues. This populates the festival map (because they are already located). Using onekana you might put in animated recipes... but using onekana, you will also have built an animated guide: someone might look up "jazz on Saturday night" and be played a tour of the participating venues where they are playing jazz.

To try the animation please visit ... but this explains why we have Global District: it supports district based communities, and continuous re-invention.

Pool of Members:
  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3
  • Member 4
  • Member 5
  • Member 6
  • Member 7
Your Group (drag them here):

Members can opt in to projects, and sign up to projects, and follow projects. In this case they add themselves and you accept them to participate or follow.

Key point: we are using networking to generate platforms for projects.

3. District Applications:


Any of the platforms outlined on our partnering site can be expanded into community platforms. So for example:

  • the commercial platform can become a marketplace
  • the mobile professional appointments can become a community services platform (with appointment bookings).
  • property can become a local property search platform etc.

Projects started on onekana™ can be scaled both here and on depending on their nature. Please hop between sites to see how they work together.

These are the core components that are provided by default with the community platform:

If you are logged in you can try them directly using the icon which will appear. When you are logged in you select between more advanced community configurations including: "Mobile Professional Appointments" and "Commercial" which build niche marketplaces for products and services. You can read about these at which provides the bepoke set up options.

  • Community
  • Business & Organisations
  • Places & Spaces
  • Objects & Things
  • Community Projects
  • Marketing & Media
  • News, Blogs, Articles, Notices
  • Event Management
  • Projects - Play
  • Image Management.
  • Image Categories
  • Slideshows & Carousels
  • Media
  • FAQs
  • Groups & Communications
  • Manage Groups & Networks.
  • Email Communications
  • Introduce
  • Endorsements / Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Reward Programmes
  • Administration
  • About Us / Profile
  • People
  • Google Maps & Directions v3
  • Area and District Management
  • Logins: multi user levels
  • Account & Transaction History
  • Set Up / configuration options

Additional Developer components:

By default there are three administrative levels: Association Manager or Community Founder, Member, and then a supplementary developer login, enabling members to allow all aspects of their set up to be managed by a designer or developer.

The association manager can set up and introduce members to the community, who then have access to the community tools for community participation as well as for their own projects. Members can set up sub-groups based on the membership for projects or ideas and also introduce new members. There are different types of groups for different types of project (see networking), but it would be possible to instigate and "member fund" shared projects for example

Web Developer / Designer / Consultant
  • Clients' Control Panel management
  • Front end design with Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • JSON feeds for plug in applications
  • Cordova mobile device components.

About this site:

Global District™ began as an idea while crewing on a boat across the Pacific which explains the top banner. I wanted to be able to mark up the journey, and the geocoding devices we were using made me think about the potential for this on the internet (this was 1997). We developed a "point and click" mark up tool to demonstrate.

Now, with the many new technologies available, the mark up tool uses drag an drop, generates animated search results, and is now no longer solely about maps, but will generate apps to support anything from circuit boards to recipes ... you can try this at where there is a dedicated site.

I used the mapping though originally for local communities, we had a "" done with the Belfast Chamber of Trade, and Holywood and Bangor "GoesGlobal".coms with their local associations and festivals (Holywood Jazz Festival) - these are currently being archived here, but with new options for members to take them forward. From now on we are just going to concentrate on Global District as an application, and the supporting platforms (see

While Rome wasn't built in a day, now an interative district could be.

Please feel free to contact me having read this far...