Example "Configurations" or "Set Ups". Each one has it's own combination of tailored tools:

For each set up the corresponding menu will appear on the left or in the top menu.


Quickly build groups, and subgroups of people and companies to work together on projects for your local community.

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Commercial & Retail

The commercial package provides simple and advanced product management options with tabbed features, benefits and specification pages. Take orders with advanced pricing options, provide affiliate rewards.

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Mobile Professional

The Mobile Professional provides people / staff, availability and appointment management in addition to the core commercial package features. Advanced pricing options can be applied to different types of services & times.

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Business / Commercial Centres

Manage units, tenants, availability and site maintenance through interactive interfaces. Promote property / unit specifications and location benefits with supporting media.

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Property Development

Property management combined with interactive site maps enable a range of applications from construction phase to completion. Details, specifications, floor plans, property types and supporting media are all supported.

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Property Agency & Rentals

Property Agency & Rentals combines property details, terms, availability, locations with directions, with the advanced image management tools for slideshows and promotions. Proximity content lets you promote local attractions and activities.

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Hotels & Holiday Accommodation

Hotels, Chalets & Accommodation provides room, or property based booking arrangements for user definable periods (day, week etc.), with reward programmes, transfer bookings, and personalized maps, floor plans, tours & slideshows.

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Global Districts

Shared platforms for places and areas Global Districts enable you to upload, share and distribute historical, futuristic, creative or realistic perspectives & things, make them interactive, view in parallel, or with drill down hierarchies.

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Web Developer / Designer / Consultant

Configurations are built openly for front end frameworks to be applied, designers' designs, application developers' apps. From end 2013 we are moving to JSON feeds for all content. Our interactive applications are distributable... help us improve!

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